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Unlock The Secrets Of Losing Weight With This List Of Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Treat yourself to stay fit! This may sound strange but is well explained by Dawn Jackson Blatner, a nutritionist and dietician at the Chicago Cubs. 'Treat yo'self' is not about serving yourself with your favorite ice-cream, resting at home or watching TV. Blatner means to explain just the opposite with the term 'Treat yo'self'. She defines it to keep you energetic, losing some weight and staying healthy.

At the Obesity Auction Coalition's annual convention named 'Your Weight Matters', she said to the audience, "It's all about pre-planning your grocery shopping list. It is about purchasing those foods that can nourish your body and keep it healthy. It's about eating mindfully. These are those good things which when done, treat yourself right."

Blatner means that you should carry out some acts of self-love by spending few minutes planning your meals for the next week or sparing 30 minutes for the gym. You deserve to feel good and look good.

Follow some simple tips below to 'treat yourself' for a slimmer, healthier body:

Table, Chair and Plate.

Blatner says that you should have these three items with you before serving yourself with any food item. This rule will make sure that you don't end up consuming 1000 calories at some fast food parlor or grab snacks or drinks from the fridge late in the nights. This is the ultimate way for eating mindfully.

Research shows that eating mindfully not only helps people enjoy the food but also makes them feel full. People eating mindfully are known to consume lesser calories at their meals, regardless of how much they put on their dining plate.

Strength of Willpower

 All of us have willpower but the trick is learning to use it in the most efficient way. 'Lack of Willpower is ranked as the most critical reason for most people failing to improve their lives in some or the other way', says Connolly, working with bariatric patients. 'It is not genetic. Willpower is a tool we all have and we should learn using, developing and managing it.'

Willpower is a muscle which gets tired like any other. Hence, it requires planning about how to act in scenario that offers you a choice between healthy and unhealthy. Moreover, you have to stay prepared for emergency situations like the end of a stressful, long and tiring work day that exhausts your willpower too. Willpower needs daily replenishment too and the perfect way to do this is getting enough sleep.

Realistic Approach

Honestly speaking, we all wish to lose some weight but when we hit a wall dropping a 5 or a 10, we get back to our original routine getting discouraged. According to the director of the Education at Temple University and the Center for Obesity Research, psychologist Gary Foster, one of the largest hindrances to weight loss is unrealistic expectations.

"The lesser you weigh, the more you need to move and the lesser you need to eat", says Foster. It is always good to aim higher. However, it is no miracle and successful losers are known to shed an average of 8.4% of body weight. So, if you were 200, it comes to about 16 pounds and dropping 16 pounds should improve your body health greatly.

In better words, unrealistic expectations like going to weight of your high school would surely crush all your plans before starting. "Life changes with time and it has to be a totally realistic assessment", Foster says. "How can you expect that when nothing else at 45 in your life is the same as when 20?"

Get Better CircleGet Better Circle

This is essentially a socialization effect. Drinkers hang out with drinkers and cigarette smokers with other smokers. Likewise, overweight people enjoy the company of other overweight public. Dr. Robert Kushner from Chicago says, "What are you likely to do when you hang out with a group of overweight people? You look for a food point and have burgers and beer. You won't probably talk about working out or sporting."

It is a human tendency to develop habits like those whom we move around with. Thus, you need to find newer friends with some healthy habits to become healthy yourself.

Grocery List Check

We all should know about the way our plate has to be filled with grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables. And our shopping cart should reflect it too. When you are done with shopping, it is worth checking the cart to ensure that it is filled with whole grains, proteins and produce.

"Choice and weight loss are on the opposite sides of the battle", says Blatner. She suggests planning out two breakfasts, two lunches, two snacks and tow dinners, all with a healthy characteristic, in a week. You can buy items for each of these and then try rotating them through the week to have a healthy one.

Doing this would offer you enough choices that you don’t get bored with your diet but no so enough that you get overwhelmed and start looking for a vending machine.

Celebrate without Eating

It's your friend's bachelorette party. You are up for a movie. Your daughter topped the class. It is a party and what does a party mean without a pizza? If you really want to shed some pounds, you need to stop eating to respond to the things.

Foster says that you should plan out about what you are going to eat at these special occasions so that your willpower does not cheat you. Also, eat only when you are hungry. You will find a lot of food at the next occasion. Find out other ways to celebrate yourself without feeling sorry for not being able to eat with them. It is for you, after all!

You deserve to be thin

"Self-sabotaging is a big problem in losing weight", Connolly says. "Many times my patients say they decide upon having something and then they go out of the way to ensure that it does not happen." Most of the times, you do not put efforts in favoring yourself with what you want. Instead, you expect other people and things to work for you.

It is not merely a lack of motivation or desire. Something is really holding us back. What works here is learning to validate yourself. We will not always get what we want from other people. You should remind yourself everyday that you deserve to live healthy. And you deserve looking and feeling good. Next, believe it to work for you.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Never heard this before? Mind it right now! Each and every goal you set in your life has to be S-pecific, M-easurable, A-ttainable, R-ealistic and T-imely. If your goal has these characteristics, it is a smart goal and you have more chances to succeed in achieving it.

Consider for example, 'I want to be more active' for anybody is a mere goal while 'I shall walk for half an hour a day for the entire month' is essentially a S.M.A.R.T goal. It is specific as to how much you are going to work every day. And it is measurable – whether you did it today?

It is also realistic and attainable. Walking requires no special training or equipment and everyone can easily find 30 minutes every day. Moreover, it is timely as you are able to assess yourself at the end of one month and see whether you hit it. Consider setting up smaller yet effective goals and you will see your progress on the path of weight loss.

Stand Up

These days, most people keep sitting at the work desk for eight to ten hours of day and then rest of the hours at home. "This type of sluggish lifestyle does no good for us", says Dr. Holly Lofton, "even when you can hit the gym for an hour a day". Smart works work for money and not health. Life is bound to the monitor screens and TV screens with the advances in technology.

She suggests using step counter to stay on the top of your movement or more suitably, lack of movement, you make in the entire day. Consider moving whenever possible. Stand up at the desk when on a long conference call. Walk to your colleague instead of sending him a mail or message. Use the stairs. And park farther. Each little move counts!

Try n Learn Coping with StressTry n Learn Coping with Stress

Though there is no proven result about effect of stress on our body and weight gain. However, we all agree that a stressful day can affect our willpower badly. Kushner says, "The problem is that you will never have a long period of life free of stress. And when we continue coping with our daily stress using vodka and brownie, weight will keep increasing.

"It's not the stress that leads to significant weight gain, but it's the coping which provides an obstacle", he says.

The key to deal with this is learning positive skills of coping. If you are stressed out by work, consider taking a 15 minute walk rather than looking for a cookie in the break room. Go for a yoga class in the weekend to get relaxed. Take deep breaths when on a long telephone call.

Cope through the stress of the day in smart ways to stay healthy.

Treat yourself with everything you feel can lead to betterment of your body and life. Treat yourself better with these tips. Treat yourself to a healthy and fit life that you deserve.

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