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Lipo And B12 Injections Promote Losing Weight

Safe and effective weight loss injections being administered

Lipo-Vite Injections

If you are suffering from problems like tiredness and run down, not able to be as alert as you would want to be, facing troubles sleeping or struggling with weight loss, you probably need Lipo-Vite injection!

Lipo-Vite Injections are one of the most effective and popular wellness services. They are constituted of water-soluble vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 in addition to three effective fat burning Amino-Acids namely Inositol, Choline and Methionine.

Lipo-Vite Injections are essentially the latest technology invented for helping people with weight loss as they aid in raising the metabolic rate of the body.

Lipo-Vite Injections are primarily used as major part of weight management programs at weight loss clinics. Patients are given one injection every week; however they can receive more of the dosages provided there is a gap of forty-eight hours between any two injections. Results are known to be cumulative and improve over repeated dosages. Loss of two pounds in a week is usually considered an effective and healthy but when taking these injections, one can expect to shed three pounds in a week while maintaining a healthy weight loss.

Lipo-Vite Injections are recommended for anybody. However, the only persons unable to take these injections are those having allergy to sulfur. Methionine enzyme contains sulfur and hence, the injections are not appropriate for one with a sulfur allergy. In such a case, there are other types of injections for weight loss that contain all these essential enzymes as well as vitamins but do not have sulfur content.

Advantages of Lipo-Vite Injections

  • Enhanced energy level
  • Enhanced thinking process
  • Enhanced weight loss
  • Decreased irritability/elevated moods
  • Metabolism boost
  • Cholesterol regulation
  • Decreased water retention
  • Accelerated sugar/carb and fat metabolism
  • Hair loss prevention

And many more.

What does Lipo-Vite contain and how can it help me?

Lipo-Vite injections consist of all of the elements mentioned below with their benefits:

Fat Burning (LIpotropic) Amino Acids:


Decreases the cholesterol level in the blood

Helps the liver in processing waste and excreting it from the body

Improves memory

Decreases probability of gallstones


Helps secretion of serotonin (controls your mood and appetite)

Reduces levels of blood cholesterol

Assists in increasing rate of metabolism

Promotes healthy growth of hair


Prevents fat build-up in the arteries

Reduces feelings of tiredness

Helps remove heavy metals out of the body

Inhibits accumulation of fatty cells around liver that keep it from working normally

B Complex Vitamins

Thiamine: Vitamin B1

Essential for proper functioning of muscles, heart, nervous system

Aids in conversion of carbohydrates to energy

Riboflavin: Vitamin B2

Acne treatment

Treating Migraine headaches

Aids in muscle cramps

Beneficial in eye conditions like eye fatigue, glaucoma and cataracts

Niacinamide: Vitamin B3

Reduced cholesterol

Treatment of migraine headaches

Treatment of circulation problems

D-Pantothenol: Vitamin B5

Skin cell regeneration

Pyridoxine: Vitamin B6

Essential for breakdown of fats, carbs and protein in food

Fatigue relief

Stress relief

Acts as natural diuretic to decrease water weight

Promotes proper nervous functioning

Stabilization of blood sugar levels

Methylcobalmin: Vitamin B12

Increased energy level and promotes general well being

Anti-stress vitamin

Decrease in water retention

Support for thyroid function for regulated energy levels

Treatment of Anemia

Regulated immune system

How to get started?

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Vitamin B12 Injection

If you get tired easily, feel run down, find trouble sleeping or not able to be as alert as you want to be, you probably lack vitamin B12 and should consider getting a B12 injection! All these are signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and the solution is easy Vitamin B12 injections.

Vitamin B12, also known as Cobalamine, is one of the eight vital water-soluble vitamins B. These B vitamins are essential for the body for conversion of carbohydrates to sugar or glucose, which when burned generate energy for appropriate body functioning. They are referred to as B complex vitamins and are vital for the breakdown of proteins and fats. They aid in maintaining muscle tone, protecting the mucus lining in mouth and digestive tract, and promoting the functioning of nervous system as well as organs such as skin, hair, eyes and liver. Cobalamine is also known to be a powerful anti-stress vitamin and is believed to improve the working of immune system and enhance the body's ability to handle stressful conditions.

B12 Injections are proven to enhance energy levels in individuals and their general well-being. In addition to this, they support one's thyroid function, regulating energy levels. B12 injections can slow down water retention process on account of its diuretic properties.

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Lipo-Vite Injections

Lipo-Vite Injections
Lipo-Vite Injections are the number one wellness service at PURE Health, Image and Lifestyle Center. They consist of water-soluble Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 B6, B12 and three Fat Burning Amino Acids (Methionine, Inositol and Choline)
Lipo-vite injections are the latest technology used to help people lose weight because they help raise the body’s metabolic rate.


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Weight Management Program

Why choose our Weight Management Program?
Benefits include:

  • Safe and rapid weight loss
  • Up to 20-40 pounds of weight loss each month
  • No permanent diet restrictions
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • No addictive medication or hunger stimulants
  • Changes the relationship between you and food
  • Easy to follow
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